10 Pakistani Famous Celebrities Who Changed Their Name

Every Celebrity wants to be and eye catching for success in his/her career, as acting field is very competitive for everyone. So for this reason celebrities have to change their selfs, some stars completely change their looks some changes their name. Changing name in every industry is common and necessary. There could be two reasons of changing name in the industry. Similar names: It is necessary as any two celebrities with same name can’t work in one industry, so before entering in the industry they change their name completely. Numerology: Some stars believe in superstitious they thinks that their name will effect on their career, so they change their names to any successful name to reach the highest level of success in the industry.

Here is a list of famous pakistani celebrities who changed their real names


Nabeel is very well know name for every pakistani family, his role in drama Bulbulay is much familiar in every pakistani family. Bulbulay is a comedy drama telecasted on Ary Digital. Nabeel is also the director and producer of Bulbulay, name of his role in Bulbulay is also Nabeel. Most of his and Bulbulay’s fans don’t know his real name.

His real name is:

Muhammad Nadeem Zafar

His altered name Nabeel gave him much success then his real name Muhammad Nadeem Zafar

2: Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatyma made her acting debut with a leading role in the 2012 Geo TV serial Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga 2, she gained much success in the pakistani showbiz industry with her acting skills and looks, she is vlogger on youtube too. Although she is American nationality holder but she is getting rich love from Pakistan.

Her real name is:

Aribah Fatima Jafri

But in industry she is known as Arij Fatyma

3:Kubra Khan

Kubra khan is another familiar name in pakistani dramas industry. She gave pakistani industry accomplished dramas, and made her name in pakistani industry.She also appeared in Bollywood movie Welcome 2 Karachi. She made her television debut in Sang-e-Mar Mar which was telecasted on Hum TV in 2016. She appeared in several other television series such as Alif Allah Aur Insaan and Daldal. Before acting in films and dramas, she worked as a fashion model.Kubra khan is not her real name.

Her real name is:

Rabia Khan

But in industry she is known as Kubra Khan

4: Saba Qamar

Another favored widely known name Saba Qamar is also a altered name. Saba Qamar is not only well known in pakistan she made her name in Bollywood too, she was appeared in Hindi film Hindi Medium with a great Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan. She has given many superhit dramas and films to pakistani industry with her great acting skills. But Saba Qamar is not her real name.

Her real name is:

Sabahat Qamar Zaman

But she is famous with her industry name Saba Qamar

5: Maya Ali

Maya Ali started her career as a video jockey at different news channels. Maya Ali made her screen debut with drama serial Durr-e-Shahwar (2012), she made her film debut with the film Teefa in Trouble(2018) with Ali Zafar. She is very well known in pakistan, she has worked in many superhit dramas like Mera Naam Yousuf Hai. But Maya Ali is not her real name.

Her real name is:

Maryam Tanveer Ali

In the showbiz industry she is known as Maya Ali

6: Sami Khan

Sami Khan also a famous Pakistani actor and model who appears in Pakistani films and television dramas. He started his career with film Salakhain and then moved to television dramas and gained much success in drama industry. He has worked in many dramas and achieved highest level of success in Pakistani showbiz industry. He is very familiar among all pakistanis. But beside all this Sami khan a success full name is not his real name.

His real name is:

Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi

In industry he is famous with his stage name Sami Khan

7: Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is a Pakistani television actress, she has played the leading roles in several television shows. She reached highest level of success in her career by her role in a superhit drama Meray paas tum ho, which has broken all the records of pakistani showbiz dramas. She also has worked many other dramas and a big part of the industry. But beside all this Ayeza Khan is not her real name

Her real name is:

Kinza Khan

She is also famous with her stage name Ayeza Khan

8: Reema Khan

Reema Khan is a films actress, television host and former stage dancer, director and producer. She also has worked in few dramas. Reema Khan was one of the leading film actresses in Pakistan during 1990s. She has appeared in more than 200 films. She made her debute in film Bulandi. Her name Reema Khan is also a altered name.

Her real name is:

Sameena Khan

But industry made her Reema Khan

9: Shaan Shahid

8: Reema Khan

Shaan Shahid is a Pakistani actor, producer, model, writer and a film director. He is one of great actors of pakistan. He gained highest level of fame and respect in Pakistani industry. He is a very senior Actor of Pakistani industry, he has worked in many films and blessed industry with many films. He is a living legend of Pakistan.Shaan started his acting career in 1990 by making debut in film Bulandi. But this great name of industry Shaan is also an altered name as it is not Shaan’s real name.

His real name is:

Armaghan Shahid

But his name Shaan gave him highest rank of respect

10: Meera

Meera is also another senior name, she is a pakistani actress and host. She has worked in many movies also she has worked in Bollywood and achieved high rank in bollywood too. Every pakistani is familiar with her name, but this familiar name Meera is not the real name of her.

Her real name is:

Irtiza Rubab

But in whole pakistani industry she is famous with her Stage name Meera

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