Ahad Raza Mir Asked Public To Suggest Him Books To Read

Ahad Raza Mir is one of the best actor in the industry of Pakistan. He is famous because of his best performances. He is a best actor and also a best singer . He plays a great role in which seriel he performs. In all the dramas his acting is best. Ahad wanted to become an actor since his childhood. His all interests were related in acting as he is son of a great actor of Pakistani showbiz Asif Raza Mir.

He performed his first acting role in Hum TV drama known as “khamoshiaan”. His acting in that drama was awful. This first role made him very famous to the directors and Producers. This was his first step in acting which took in 2010. Acting was his dream,it was a lifetime wish for him. He said when i made my mind to get in this industry then i left no other option for me to choose that is the key which made me successful in my life.

According to Ahad Raza Mir “we should not leave any option behind when we decide to do any work because it will make us to do that work no matter how hard it is but if you leave an option behind that will irritate us in any way”. When he was graduated he started to work out there but then he decided to get back to Pakistan because he thought it would be better for him to perform in here.

Now he is one of the best actor and director as well as a singer. This is his hardwork which brought him at this stage of success.

Recently on his Instagram post he asked people to suggest him books to read. Where he said:

1: “I hope and pray everyone is safe and healthy,” 

1: “I need a book recommendation that I will put in my list of books to read that I’ll never end up reading”.

Thank You.


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