Car used in Pakistan stock exchange attack is the same car seen in Geo Tv drama

As we all know recently 4 heavily armed terrorists attacked the busy Pakistan Stock Exchange building. They attacked with guns and grenades on Monday morning at 10 am. Killing four security guards and a police officer before being shot dead in an exchange of fire, authorities said. Two attackers were killed at that barrier, security officials said. While the other two were shot dead in an exchange of fire with security officials in the compound’s parking lot. Four security guards, a police sub-inspector and a civilian were also killed in the attack.

Sharjeel Kharal, police deputy inspector general, told reporters at the site. “Police and security guards engaged the attackers outside the building, and they couldn’t get into the building. The blood spots are of our injured police and guards,”

Car used by terrorists was a silver color car with a number plate. Its number was BAP-629(Sindh).

Recently in Geo tv drama Dewangi in episode 33 the same car used in attacked was seen beside the actors of the drama Dewangi. This car was registered on terrorist name also investigation is started that when was the drama shooted and where.

Here are some pictures of the scene of the Geo tv drama Dewangi

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