Fake news about the death of famous showbiz actors

As we all know 2020 till now is proved to be very bad for this world, as the world last many life’s an main reason of which is Covid-19 also in 2020 Pakistan as well as India also lost its great actors, in Pakistan we lost great legendary actors like Tariq Aziz who Tariq Aziz passed away in Lahore at the age of 84, also many stars were affected by Covid-19 so many fake rumeros were created of their death also fake news of them being affected by coronavirus were were created. These news are specially created on Youtube just for views as people watch shocking news. Here is a list of Pakistani actors who’s fake news of death were created recently.

Nida Yasir:

Nida Yasir is a Pakistani actress best known for her morning show, recently she and her husband Yasir Nawaz were affected by Covid-19 also their children were affected with this deadly virus.

Nida Yasir and Yasir were suffering with covid-19 from many days, but both the stars are now completely recovered from covid-19 and after recovery Yasir decided to donate plasma to help and save lives he also made video to advice to people to donate plasma to save others lives.Whole social media is appreciated Yasir’s this kind act.

Many people also made false news about the couple of dying.Yasir’s Wife said
“So many people hurt us when they got to know my family is tested positive for Covid-19 “. She gets emotional during live show.


But after such fake rumors Nida days confirmed that she and her husband Yasir Nawaz are alive and healthy.

Rubina Ashraf:

Rubina Ashraf is a Pakistani actress, director and producer. She made her debut in Pakistani industry with the drama Kasak. She is one of aged legendary stars of pakistani industry. She was  tested positive for COVID-19, She was reportedly in a critical condition. On which many actors like Humayun Saeed Tweeted to pray for her recovery.

Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed, @iamhumayunsaeed, wrote in his tweet: “Please pray for Rubina Ashraf. May Allah grant her good health and quick recovery.”

After knowing that she is in critical condition fake news of her death on youtube for views were created, she affected many people and shocked many people as she is a gem for Pakistani industry. But after few days her family members confirmed that she is alive and healthy.

Umer Sharif:

Umer Shareef, is a Pakistani comedian and actor. umer has also worked in bollywood, umer was a guest judge for one of the episodes of the Indian comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He is also one of legendary stars of Pakistan, he gained great respect from this industry so the news of his death could be the shocking news so many rumors were created of his death, as a picture of Umer Shareef was viral in which he was in hospital.

This fake news was shocking for everyone but later Umer’s Son Jawad Umer posted that post that my the father is in good health, which proved that this news was fake.

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