Hania Amir Trending No1 on Twitter

When the song of Asim Azhar was released Areeka Haq was the leading character but one scene of Hania Amir became very popular and that scene is the entrance of Hania Amir. Many people liked her scene and some of the people started to make joke out of it and began to say that she had a bad dressing as well.

This scene raised many questions upon her that why she dressed like that in the song. She could skip the scene or could have done a better scene than that. Now she is trending no 1 on Twitter because of this one scene and people are saying different things about her. But some of the people say that the only better scene in the whole song was Hania’s scene. Some of the tweets are given below:

  • “If you get bored anytime just go and look at this pic of Hania Amir”
  • ” The role of Hania Amir in this song is like the PTI Government for Sindh”
  • ” Her role in the song is like Usman Buzdar in PTI”

write your suggestions and what you think about her ? Tell us in the comments below.

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