khalil ur Rehman angry on Imran Khan about petrol mafia

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is a Pakistani writer, director known for such dramas as Pyarey Afzal (2013), Sadqay Tumhare (2014) and most recently the top-rated Meray Paas Tum Ho (2019-2020).

Khalil ur Rehman recently has been involved in many controversial topics such as Orat March after his super hit drama Mery pass Tum Ho but all these controversies gave him much fame, he became familiar in Pakistan

After approval of an increase in the prices of petrol, high-speed diesel has been increased by Rs21.31 and now it will be available at Rs101.46 per liter.

Likewise approval has been granted to increase the kerosene oil by Rs23 per liter. After the increase, it will be sold at Rs58.56 per liter.

Light diesel’s new price is Rs55.98 per litre registering an increase of Rs17.84.

The new petroleum prices will come into effect after 12 am tonight.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority proposes new rates in a summary to the government at the end of every month. But this time the government increased the prices on the recommendation of the Petroleum Division. It is pertinent to mention here that petroleum prices in the country went through significant decrease earlier in the month which subsequently made Pakistan one of the cheapest sellers in the region but that status couldn’t even be upheld for a month.

On this Khalil-ur-Rehman he famous writer posted an angry tweet in which he said:

“If you raise prices four days ago today out of fear of petrol mafia, the remember Imran Khan
You will bow before every mafia
There is no point in running six miles now. You are gasping”

In another tweet he said:

“There has been no such brave Politicians who stands with the poor instead of saving the government You have proved Imran Khan you are a cowardly ruler and we are an unlucky nation”

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