Pakistani celebrities who left showbiz

There are many celebrities that left showbiz for the sake of islam or just because of their own personal matters. Also some of them left showbiz. Some of them want to spread the message of islam and want to become a part of their religion Islam. Recently Feroz khan and Hamza ali Abbasi also left showbiz for sake of islam. A list of them is given below:

1) Feroz khan:

Feroz khan is one of the best and most popular actor of Pakistan. He worked in many Television dramas and Pakistani movies. But he decided to leave showbiz for the sake of islam and devote his all life for Islam. His accident message of leaving showbiz made his fans worry that why is he leaving showbiz. Then he told in one of his tweet that he is leaving showbiz just because of Islam and he is not coming back to it as like Hamza Ali Abbasi. This proved that he left showbiz permanently and he also requested to pray for his next steps.

2) Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Hamza ali Abbasi is one of the best actor of Pakistan. He has worked in many dramas and movies of Pakistan and he is also considered to be one the most highly earning actor of Pakistan. Now he also left showbiz for the sake of Islam. In October he said that he is going to make a serious announcement about himself and it is also very important then then he told in a tweet that he left Showbiz and will work for his religion to spread Islam in all over the world. Also he said Islam has also given him his answer such as how the universe and human came into being.

3) Noor Bukhari:

Noor Bukhari was one of the best actress, director and a host of Pakistan. She worked in many TV shows, dramas and movies. She was very famous for her performance. But then she left showbiz for the sake of Islam. At first she could not leave this filed as she has faced many different problems after she divorced. This was her only source of income. After some time she then left it and wanted to find the spiritual rest. She said that no matter how hard she will work but this will only go how it is decided. Now she only comes in the talk shows and there she also shares message about Islam.

4) Urooj Nasir:

Urooj Nasir worked as an actor and model of Pakistan. She also performed as a host. She was also Famous for her performance but then she left Showbiz and begin to work for the welfare and sake of Islam. After leaving showbiz she opened her business and then this businesses gave her a big success because it helped her to open three hijab stores in the Islamabad. Urooj Nasir has one of the big business of hijab in Islamabad. She said she wants to make the life of Muslim’s women more comfortable physically and emotionally.

5) Ajab Gul:

Ajab Gul was one of the best actor of Pakistan since the Pakistan industry began to make drama for entertainment. He worked in the important projects of Pakistan Television industry. He is considered to be one of the actor of Pakistan. But he is one of the best actor who left Showbiz and started to preach Islam. Gul never told the story of changing his mind and that is the reason he never came near showbiz or talked about showbiz.

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