Pakistani dramas that will make you cry

Pakistan industry has been on the top for its dramas and movies. Most of the television dramas of Pakistan are watched in Pakistan, India as well as in all over the world and also people love to watch them because these dramas are perfect for their story, performance and also in the earning. Nothing like overacting and or any other kind of activity takes place in these dramas. The performance of all the actors is always the best that is the reason which takes the drama up to the peak of popularity. Different dramas are made on different stories and then the directors put the drama in such scenes that seem to be real as well.

These dramas are story based dramas and have a limited episodes which can be watched easily. There are some dramas that are considered to be the best hit dramas and their scenes and stories looks to be real as much. “Dramas which will make you cry” isn’t just the title but also after watching them you will also feel about to cry because the drama will make you feel like to cry. That is the secret reason of Pakistani dramas in such a way they are directed and produced which looks to be real. A list of these kind of dramas is as follows:

1) Meray Paas Tum Ho

Meray Paas Tum Ho is a 2019 Pakistani romantic drama television series produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib. it became the most-watched drama in Pakistan. It has broken all the records of the Pakistani drama industry. Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed played great roles in the drama.

The story of the drama made it a big hit of all time. The drama was written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar a great writer of Pakistani drama industry. Story of the drama proved to be the best story of all time. Though the end of drama wasn’t that much massive as the whole drama was. Last episode of the drama was telecasted in cinema.

2) Khaani

khaani drama is one of the best and popular drama of Pakistan. It has been very hit. Sana Javed and Feroz Khan are main characters of this drama .The story of the dramas is based on a man that is a son of a very rich politician who doesn’t care about anyone known as “Mir Hadi” and on the other hand the story starts that the birthday of the brother of “Khaani” is upcoming and his family is preparing for it. In that meanwhile his brother”Sarim” goes to get his graduation degree and over there he angers Mir Hadi which then he turn to beat him and shoots him with pistol and then runs away.

A case of hang till death is made in the court but he is a son of rich politician who threatenes the family of khaani to leave that case or he will also do something bad to them too. After that Hadi finds Khaani a brave girl and begins to fall in love with her. He sends her letters and surprises without telling her his name and khaani also falls in love . But after sometime when khaani finds out “H” for Hadi then she lets it go. Mir Hadi keeps trying to have khaani and marry her but she keeps ignoring him because he is the murderer of her brother. He always keeps following her and khaani leaves the city and her home with her family. Mir Hadi keeps finding her. You should watch the drama for more information because it will make you more entertain.

3) Pyary Afzal

Pyary Afzal is a love story and it is a kind of love that has no ending point. It has been the most famous drama of Pakistan. The leading characters are Hamza Ali Abbasi as “Afzal” and Ayeza khan as “Farah” . Afzal keeps playing cricket,cards and more like that kind of activities which are not liked by his father because his father is a Maulvi known as “Maulvi subhanallah” in drama. Farah sees afzal for the first time playing cricket and afzal falls in love with her but he could not express his love to her but after that Farah also falls in love with him and the situation becomes the same that she couldn’t express her love to him.

When his mother and father keep him avoiding from being in the bad activities then he gets angry and leaves the city “Hyderabad” saying that he will never return back and goes to Karachi for becoming a rich man. “Farah becomes very sad and she doesn’t know what’s happening in her mind”. Afzal then meets another girl named “Yasmin” in Karachi and she begins to fall in love with him. He then fights the street bullies which use to threaten Yasmin. The story keeps going on and becomes more interesting and the impressions can be seen by watching the whole drama.

4) Sadqey tumhary

Sadqey tumhary is one of the best and famous drama of Pakistan. In this drama the leading characters are Mahira khan as “Shano” and Adnan Malik as “Khalil” and this story is also related to the real life of the writer. The story begins with the birth of Shano and then the Aunt of Khalil goes to ask for the hand of shano for Khalil and their engagement takes place since their childhood. Shano lives in a village and is a village girl but Khalil is from a great family and he has everything and every opportunity. Shano takes her engagement very seriously and always shares her each feeling with her best friend but on the other hand Khalil keeps ignoring her.

After a long time Khalil saw Shano and her parents that they are not keeping their word of engagement and he asks her parents to go to them and tomorrow when they arrive at Shano’s house they find out that her marriage is being done with his cousins known as “Fayaz” in the drama. But now they fall in love with each other and wants to marry. Shano writes a letter to Khalil to meet her and one of the character known as “Dr Maqsood” stops him from going that Fayaz might know about this and then hurt you but khalil doesn’t care because he is now in love. He goes to meet her anyway and then Fayaz finds out and beats him with his friends and then she is saved by a moulvi. The story continues and becomes more and more interesting and it makes everyone cry.

5) Khamooshi

Khamoshi is one of the most popular drama of Pakistan. There are the two leading characters Zara Noor abbas as “Arsala and Iqra Aziz as “Neema” which are sisters. Arsala is a simple girl and she cares about her family so much but on the other hand she has a gready sister which always keeps bothering her and blaming her on the different situations. The elder sister Arsala is engaged with Affan waheed known as Atif in the drama. Her younger sister Neema also likes Atif because of this she keeps trying to separate them Everytime and as her father is also a poor and gready person who works in a factory and can’t run his house better. One day he sees Atif and Arsala in the kitchen and then he breaks the engagement of both.

After that her father sends her to a house as a maid. But there the owner’s wife doesn’t like her and keeps teasing her. After some days the best friend of owner’s wife comes to her and asks to have her as her maid and she agrees. She was treated badly in that house and came back to her house there she saw that Neema is marrying Atif. On that day Atif didn’t talk to Neema and went to office and Neema thought that Atif didn’t talk to her because of Arsala.

She asked Arsala to leave home and she left home and went to the owner’s wife to request her to get her a job as a maid at any house she finds her a house where the other owner’s wife is a good woman and she has a son who falls in love with her and keeps helping her and her family by sending a lot of money for Neema’s marriage then he goes to Atif to request him if he can marry her because she loves him so much. That is how the story continues.

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