Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch

In this day and age, we have many channels on our TV. Once upon a period, there was a genuinely stunning area, where we just used to have one Channel PTV to watch any drama on our TV screen. The extraordinary all-around scripted genuine shows with incredible on-screen characters, the amusing sit-coms, and dramas that made everybody roar with laughter, really.

Pakistani dramas have their underlying foundations in the dynamic and liberal period. Since Pakistan TV was propelled in the midst of good and sound training and needed to speak to its separate nation since it was in its underlying stage, all endeavors were made to create astounding dramatization serials, impeccable in each regard.

The writers joined with the funny contents came about in the parody arrangement we as a whole despite everything love, to this current day. It’s superb to what extent back it appears to be present. With no decision and alternatives, everybody was quite content with the PTV we had, as a result of the greatness of the substance

Pakistani show industry delivers a ton of dramas consistently. There are many Pakistani dramas you should watch. Pakistani dramas industry has experienced a couple of upgrades starting late and a couple of value ventures were found in the ongoing years. Dramatizations concentrating on social issues, for example, kid misuse, executing for the sake of respect, and constrained relationships have likewise been made, which is surely something positive. Where a portion of the dramatization serials are vigorously elevated to make publicity and cause the crowd to foresee. It generally is not yet clear whether the dramas will get famous or not, in this way show creators find an authoritative solution once it goes on air.

Numerous multiple times, those shows which are required to do well as far as appraisals or ubiquity neglect to draw the consideration and likewise now and again those dramas which may not so much appear to be encouraging before they fire airing wind up holding the enthusiasm of the watchers. Here is a list of Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch.


Deewangi is a 2019 Pakistani romantic drama television series, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi started on December 18, 2019, and ended on 11th June 2020. It is recommended to watch due to its brilliant story. Hiba Bukhari and Danish Taimoor played the leading roles


Ishqiya became a big hit with its attractive storyline. It is a 2020 Pakistani TV serial debuted on ARY Digital on 3 February 2020. It is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi. It has an audience rating of 4.8 out of 5. Feroze Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Hania Amir, and Ramsha Khan played a role in the drama.


Alif spun around the excursion of a defiant movie producer and a battling on-screen character, both having upset pasts. It shows how both run over a similar way and comprehend the wording of the letter set Alif outlining the obligation of a person with his God. It has a public rating of 4.9 of 5. Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, Ahsan Khan, Osman Khalid Butt played their role in the drama.

Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Mera Dil, Mera Dushman is a Pakistani TV serial debuted on 3 February 2020 on ARY Digital. It is coordinated by Syed Ali Raza Usama and co-created by Humayun Saeed and Samina Humayun. It is also a drama with a massive storyline. Alizeh Shah, Noaman Sami and Yasir Nawaz played great roles in the serial.


Sabat is another Pakistani drama with the best story and the best actors. For any drama, it is necessary to produce a well couple of leading actors. It is a very interesting thriller drama. So it is recommended to watch it. Sarah Khan, Mawra Hocane, and Usman Mukhtar played roles in the drama.


The story of Kashf is completely different from typical Pakistani dramas, the story has amused its viewers which made them stuck on this hit serial. Hira Mani and Junaid Khan played the leading roles. Out of 100%, 92% of people liked the show so it is highly recommended to watch. This is one of the Pakistani dramas you should watch.

Dil Ruba

Dil Ruba is a romance drama of the Pakistani dramas industry. It also has a unique storyline that attracts the audience to watch it. The drama has 89% rating out of 100%. Hania Amir and Mohib Mirza played the leading role in the drama.

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