Why Esra Bilgic (Halima) turned off comments on her pic due to Pakistanis

As everyone now a days is familiar with super hit serial Ertugrul Ghazi and its leading role Esra Bilgic(Halima Sultana) and Engin Altan Düzyatan(Ertugrul). This serial got highest TRP in Pakistan and reached the highest level of fame, as the show got highest fame it’s actors with leading role and supporting role as well got highest fame in all the Islamic Countries. Its role Noor Gul (Cengiz Coskun) got highest fame as its leading roles got.

Esra Bilgic who played the role of Halima won the hearts of many Pakistanis with her beauty and acting skills. Her Instagram followers increased to much by this serial. She got highest fame due from Pakistan. She also posted videos and pics to show her love for Pakistan.

As every Pakistani saw Esra as Halima, where she played her role as a holy and innocent women. Also her dressing was to well after that when Pakistanis saw her on her social media where her dressing was related to Europe style dressing which was surprising for all the Pakistanis, So they started commenting on her dressing by which recently she turned off comments on her picture many people are now comment on this that did she really turned off comments due to Pakistanis.


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